If You Are Struggling With Being Critical Or Comparing, Try This

"Just Like Me Practice"

A  teacher in my Contemplative Psychotherapy Masters program, had this wonderful practice for us to try. Karen Kissel Wegela,PhD. suggested we go to a public place, with lots of people, like a mall or a main street. We were to sit in any location and each time another person came into view, we were to say "just like me" silently. 

Our mind labels and judges all information it receives. This is its job. Why? to evaluate all experiences to protect us from harm. Some of us have become very critical, not only of ourselves, but of everyone and everything. Comparing can turn into a very unpleasant and futile process that leaves us feeling very negative and down.  This very simple exercise can be very eye-opening.

As you are practicing this, you may notice agreements or arguments arising in the mind as you say these words. The truth is, all beings want the same things. To be happy and free from suffering.  No matter who they are, we are the same in this way. We want to be happy, loved, free from pain (suffering).

Try this experiment and see what happens...